Philz Coffee - San Francisco

Holy coffee - where do I even begin? A couple of weeks ago I visited San Francisco and tried my best to get in as much coffee as possible in three days.  I think it's safe to say I succeeded.

We will begin with stop number one - Philz Coffee.

So, believe it or not - hold your gasps - this was my first time in the city.  I know.  It's a little ridiculous, but thankfully a Rock N Roll Half Marathon brought me to San Fran (Which by the way, for all of you runners or those thinking about running, these races are a great way to explore a new city, meet new people and hey - maybe try a coffee shop here and there).

One of my old friends works in the financial district in San Fran. And call it good timing - but it was his last day on the job the morning I got in.  He was pretty much free to take the longest lunch break ever (#deuces).  So, I met him at his fancy investment banking corporate building (It was then I began to reconsider my airplane outfit that consisted of a flannel shirt layered with the "Ok, but first coffee" t-shirt and jeans.  Could I be more cliché. But whatever, #deuces.)

Anyway he then told me "We are going to a coffee truck!" Look, he's no coffee guru so at first I was hesitant because I'm just a stickler for coffee shops.  I mean why not go straight to the source?

But I was pleasantly (okay, very) surprised with Philz Coffee Truck.  I ordered one of their signature drinks - the iced ginger snap coffee and it was delicious.  Now, I know some might be skeptical but if you enjoy things a little on the sweet side I promise you can't go wrong.


It was pretty neat to see the pour over set up in the truck and the baristas working dutifully in their little pod.

Speaking of pour overs, I did a little research on Philz Coffee.  Their slogan is "One Cup At a Time" and it cups from the founder, Phil Jaber.  Mr. Jaber had began experimenting with blends over 20 years ago.  He conducted these experiments in his own grocery story off of 24th and Folsom St.  He decided he wanted to create his own brewing system that would allow him to make each cup individually.  And what he created is very similar to the classic pour over but "with a twist."  (The company page doesn't further divulge into what that "twist" is and so I imagine that it's just part of Philz secret to their great coffee.)  He began to sell his coffee at his grocery store and - you guessed it - remains today as the original Philz Coffee shop.

Anyway - those in the corporate realm in San Francisco should find themselves fortunate to have a specialty coffee shop so near by.  There was a Starbucks on the bottom floor (of course) and I just wanted to shout to all the suits in line - BUT DON'T YOU KNOW THERE'S GOOD COFFEE... LIKE A BLOCK AWAY.  

And they are supposed to be the smart ones...

Anyway, well done Philz Coffee! Hopefully I can make it to your home location next time.  Stay tuned for the next SF coffee shop posts!

Until that next time,


The Coffee Nomad :)