What Coffee Lovers Actually Want for Christmas


It can be overwhelming to distinguish the good stuff among all of the coffee junk these days on the interweb.

So, I thought of all my favorite coffee things and hand-picked these items for your fellow coffee lover. A few are featured artists from my hometown Newport Beach, California or thereabouts so just know some of these are unique + special items!

The Obvious (but completely necessary)

Acaia Scale


Perfect for the coffee lover who: is a home brewer.
Where would I be without my Acaia scale?
Blindly guestimating coffee weight and time-telling only to drink overly (or underly) extracted coffee — that’s where!

You get very spoiled after one use with an Acaia scale. It’s touch sensitive and offers up a timer on left part of the screen as well as the weight on the right hand side. The battery on this thing lasts quite a whole before needed a recharge. In addition to convenience this thing looks slick on any . kitchen counter.

Aeropress & Aeropress Recipe Notebook

Perfect for the coffee lover (or nomad) who: is on the go. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or taking a plane oversees - this will be their new travel buddy. I have used my Aeropress countless times — all you need is hot water and ground coffee to make excellent coffee anywhere.

It’s certainly one of the easiest methods of making coffee — even right at home.

If they have been really good this year, you can also throw in this fancy Aeropress Recipe Book (or if they already have an Aeropress at home).

Otherwise, the world of YouTube can teach anyone the dozens methods of using an Aeropress.

Pretty Little (Unique) Things

Perfect for the coffee lover who: loves dainty things. I am very proud to feature my own cousin who makes these unique coffee bean rings & earrings by hand. What does that mean? She first starts by creating a mold using items such as coffee beans or other botanical pieces. The mold allows molten silver and bronze to take the shape of the organic materials, resulting in solid metal pieces that ultimately become a piece of simple, inspired-by-nature jewelry.

These are made-to-order and once made will ship within 3-5 days. And it’s free shipping!

You can check our her full store here.

Marble Espresso Cups

Perfect for the coffee lover who: takes their espresso (or tea!) at home. I first stumbled upon these mini porcelain espresso cups when browsing through a coffee shop’s mugs back home (Neat Coffee in Costa Mesa, CA) . I sought to learn more about the maker, Rex Design Co. and fell in love with these - along with many other of her creations.

You can purchase a single marbled espresso cup or a set of four and they are available in a variety of colors.

You can check out all of her work here.

I really am obsessed with all things Department of Brewology. In addition to their “Filter Coffee Not People” series they also have a beautiful print Bloom Series and one of my favorites in collaboration wit Long Miles coffee sourcing company.

Drift Mag Coffee Table Book (or Subscription)

Perfect for the coffer lover who: also loves stories of coffee via photography & print. I love coffee table coffee books but one of my favorites is Drift Mag. They do an incredible job of telling stories with depth about coffee and culture within a city — and not to mention the photography makes you yearn to be there. It’s one of those books that you will never grow tire seeing on your table.

Choose a city that speaks to them; They currently have several editions out: Brooklyn, Tokyo, Melbourne, Stockholm & Havana - one of my favorites - as well as a subscription service.

Learn more about Drift Mag here.

Gifts That Impress

Barista Breville Express

Perfect for the coffee lover who: wants to take their espresso & milk skills to the barista level. This is the machine I myself use at home. It’s an espresso machine that will get the job done and doesn’t put you in the 1k & 2k spending range. It’s most useful attribute, in my opinion, is the built-in grinder. This means you don’t have to purchase a separate (very expensive) grinder for espresso (chances are your grinder at home won’t grind fine enough). This alone saves you quite a bit of cash.

In addition to the precise temperature control (which means more consistent tasting spro’s) this semi-automatic machine has a steam wand with good pressure. And thanks to the loads of YouTube tutorials out there, you’ll be pouring hearts and tulips in your lattés in no time (just kidding - it will take you some time but totally worth it.)

Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer

Perfect for the coffee lover who: loves drip coffee at home but can’t be bothered with a manual pour-over method every morning. This guy right here will be more consistent than your favorite barista. There’s many admirable qualities about this drip coffee maker such as “flow control” and it’s coffee-to-water ratio markings so you are never off. However, I really appreciate the detachable water tank; this makes easy for slipping under a clean drinking water faucet or simply rinsing out. After all, clean water means clean tasting coffee.

Angel’s Cup Coffee Subscription ($10.99/month)

Perfect for the coffee lover who: wants to discover good coffee at home from roasters all over the world. (I know - who doesn’t?) The way Angel’s cup works is subscriptions set at different tiers. The lowest tier ($10.99/month) you receive 4 samples of coffees (2 cups per sample) to blind taste coffees. And then there are two tiers after that allowing more access to coffees and then a direct shipment from the roasters themselves.

But perhaps the most game-changing factor here is their app that allows to you to log tasting notes, track coffees you’ve loved and connect with other Angel Cuppers all over the world. This truly is an approachable and sure fire way to step up your coffee drinking game.