Key Coffee Gear to Get You Started in Home Brewing

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We talked about a good amount the other day! Like what the heck is a pour over? Why does grind size matter? What is the difference between a Chemex and a V60 or an Aeropress and Frenchpress? 

But you can't start anywhere without the gear in front of you! So let's get started on connecting you with the best gear to get started with!

Best Coffee Gear to Start Home Brewing 

1. Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Put your dollars here folks.  No matter how you brew it - your grinder will always be the most important piece.

I love my Encore grinder - it's easy to clean and it hasn't given me any grief.  You can even look up the  Encore Grind Guide for starting suggestions on grind size depending on your chosen method.

 If you want to look for alternative grinders, just make sure you are getting a burr grinder and not a blade grinder (results in inconsistent grind sizes).

2. Bonavita Digital Gooseneck Kettle

While a plain ol' gooseneck (stovetop) kettle will certainly do the trick - I love this electric Gooseneck Kettle because I can set my temperature (for either coffee or tea) and then walk away and have it brew to that exact temp. Other kettles - even the edgy, black matte kettle from Fellow Stagg Kettle - you have to keep an eye on.  I don't know about you - but in the mornings I don't trust myself to be so observant and detail-oriented.  

3. Acaia Scale

I love, love my Acai for many reasons - but the biggest is the built-in timer.  You can weigh out your beans and not worry about setting your timer on your phone or another device to keep a close eye on your brew.  Everything is right there.  You can even use the Acai app and do everything from your phone.

However, you certainly don't need to throw down this $$ to brew a fantastic cup of coffee.  You can purchase any food scale like the one below.  You just want to be able to measure grams out. 

These next items are for if you want to brew V60 style.  If you are brewing Chemex or any other style, find the right filter paper to accompany it!

1. Get started with the kit!

This is the exact kit I personally got started with.  :) It has everything you need to get started at a super affordable price and you don't need to worry about breaking anything in your first phase of brewing ;) 

2. Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper

Since then, I have upgraded to the following items!

I love ceramic - there is something about plastic that I don't like using.  I feel like a new study comes out every day about plastic and toxins and cancer (what doesn't give you cancer these days, though?) 

Other coffee enthusiasts will tell you that ceramic will steal the heat from your brew (which is true!) But I have made many cups of excellent brews either way.

3. Glass Range Server

In keeping with our non-plastic theme, I love my Hario glass range or vessel.  I find that glass does a relatively good job at keeping the brew at temp. 


4. Filter Paper (preferably non-bleached)

Hario 02 100 Count Coffee Paper Filter, White- Value Set of 2 Pack (Total 200 Sheets)
Hario Coffee Dripper V60 02 Clear & Hario 02 100 Count Coffee Paper Filter, Natural X2 Set(total 200 Sheets)- Starter Value Set (With Our Shop Original Description of Goods)

That's basically it folks! If you all are curious about other brewing methods - like the Aeropress or Frenchpress or even how to make espresso & steam milk! - give me a shout at the comments below and I'll be sure to create a custom guide for you!

In the meantime - get to brewing!!  Tag @thecoffeenomad with your brewing set to get featured on The Coffee Nomad! 

Mugs & Brews Up,
The Coffee Nomad