You're Invited to Costa Rica with Nordic Approach

Hey everyone!

Nordic Approach - a coffee sourcing company (that I work for) - is inviting coffee roasters, baristas, other industry professionals and heck, coffee enthusiasts to join us February 11th - 14th at origin in Tarrazù, Costa Rica!

The whole purpose of this three-day conference is to connect everyone in the supply chain to: meet first hand, ask the questions they always wanted to and to walk away with a deeper understanding of the big picture of coffee sourcing.

The entire trip is laid out here with pricing and itinerary details. You will be visiting farms, participating in cuppings and panel discussions with the pros.  

Not bad digs if you ask me:

Photos from Origin Approach on Facebook

Photos from Origin Approach on Facebook

Costa Rica was my first trip to origin (or a coffee producing country) and its where my journey in coffee was propelled even further.  If you are ever wondering, where is the first country to visit to explore coffee, I'd recommend Costa Rica.  It's easy to get to, safe and not too difficult of a language barrier. And the people there are amazing! 

Email me at if you are thinking of traveling to Costa Rica or elsewhere to coffee origin.  I'd be happy to put you in touch with the people to meet there!

Whatever the case, this is a trip with loads of education and adventure and will undoubtedly leave you with a deeper sense of awe in coffee.

Mugs Up,

The Coffee Nomdad