Home Brewing: Where to Start?

Coffee from   Thou Mayest Roasters   in Kansas City.

Coffee from Thou Mayest Roasters in Kansas City.

Hi everyone,

This is probably the most common question I receive and I can't give any good excuse as to why I haven't written this post yet (aside from - I just didn't feel like it.)  But more and more I'd hear folks say, "I want to start making good coffee at home. But I don't know where to start - it all seems complicated." 

I finally decided to write something about it (even though there are literally hundreds of blog posts on this and youtube tutorials and whatever have you out there on this subject). I couldn't bare thinking that brewing up a single cup of coffee is intimidating.  It really shouldn't be.  It should be fun, become a part of your morning routine, lead you to more questions about coffee but most importantly - it should be tasty!

I literally brew myself coffee every morning via a V60. Like clockwork, nay - like religion - I wake up and immediately stumble over to my kettle and begin heating up my water.  And after I wash my face, brush my teeth, and get dressed I start dosing, grinding and pouring. And in those 3:00 - 4:00 minutes, I find a little peace and gratitude.  I hope the Tim Ferris' and Tony Robins of the world are proud of me.

Anyway, my goal is for your coffee journey to truly begin here at the basics.

This post is mainly for those who have a Chemex gathering dust (maybe it was a gift? Maybe you thought it was a vintage flower vase?) or who bought an Aeropress and just keep looking at it as if it is about to transform into a demogorgon (If you haven't watched Stranger Things and you're reading my blog, I urge you to re-consider your priorities).

Whatever the case, coffee brewing should not be intimidating! You're going to fall in love with it and the peace and caffeine it brings you.  

That being said, there are multiple ways to go about brewing coffee.  So, let's not take shortcuts and let's do this right.
I will be breaking up this series into several parts:

1: What You Need to get Started
2: Pick Your [Brewing Method] Poison
3: Step-by-step how to brew for different methods

Expect links to each part in the series next week. 

Looking forward to ruining most restaurant, hotel, and all airplane coffee for you. (Although, if you have been okay with ariplane coffee all this time, then I am serioiusly concerened about your state of well being & mental health.)

Mugs up,

The Coffee Nomad