Oslo is Treating Me Just Swell

It was so sunny I could cry.

Bridge near Tim Wendelboe Cafe in Oslo.  You'll think differently of this bridge by the end of this post.

Bridge near Tim Wendelboe Cafe in Oslo.  You'll think differently of this bridge by the end of this post.

And by so sunny I mean there was sunlight in the sky, those beautiful golden rays striking trees causing shadows and everything.  It was a big deal for me since bright sunny days aren't really Oslo's thing around this time of the year. And so I was happy, just strolling along a bridge, smiling to myself like Hey, I got this winter thing down.  I looked at everyone else strolling with their families and puppies and thought you know, this icyness is actually pretty in a serene way, or something. 

Suddenly, I'm on the ground with my butt on the icey pavement. And my phone goes flying down a slippery hill (that would have stopped sliding if it weren't for Jack freaking Frost) and into a nearby creek.  And because I am so clearly put together, I had just purchased a wallet case for my iPhone "so everything can be in one place!"  Credit card, ID, Norwegian Kroner all decided to take a nice swim. 



I let out a curse word and dropped my behemoth of backpack on the ground. I begin sprinting down the hill.  And this very motherly like Norwegian lady is telling me to stop and that I will fall into the stream. And all I want to do is shout to her, You seem like a nice lady but THIS IS MY LIFE - in the least dramatic way possible.  She practically drags her husband to come help and I keep muttering something about finding a big stick. 

Then another man appears and says "I can help - my boots are perfect for this!"  I say "No, no it's fine! I really don't want your feet to get wet." He responds "I have Timberlands! They are waterproof!"  I looked at them hesitantly - because where I am from they have served no functionality, just pure Cali-hipster edge. 

Anyhow, he creeps towards the edge of where a questionable layer of ice meets the frigid water.  And my iPhone and stupid case were doing nothing but just staring at me longingly.  Suddenly the nice lady says, "Here! Take my hand!" 

We were making a human chain.  All four of us were linked together holding up Timberland Man as he reached with a stick to get my phone.  There was a small audience at this point.  So when the ice cracked slightly there were gasps from people on the bridge.  I thought When did you all even get here?! And then he nudged the phone over closer to himself and lifted it out of the water.


There was no applause.  In my head, there was cheers and applause.  But people just scattered and carried on with their perfect Saturday serene noon stroll. 

I immediately turned to the people who helped to thank them repeatedly.  I asked if I could buy anyone a cup of coffee, but they all declined.  They too, fled quickly.  They thought of their heroic-ness as nothing.  In fact, nearly 30 seconds after Timbaland was done retrieving my livelihood, he returned to photographing the ducks or swans or whatever, along the creek.  Maybe he would fit in with those Cali-hipsters back home.

Anyway the point of this long, drawn-out anecdote is that I was on my way to Tim Wendelboe's cafe. 

Tim Windelboe is a bit of a rock star in these parts - and really all over the coffee world. In 2004 he earned the title World Champion Barista and in 2005 he became the World Cup Tasting Champ.  From there he built his own brand, his own roastery + cafe that may have some bigger plans within the year.

And although I blame Tim and Tim alone for the story told above, (it is only with a little angst) that I use Tim's place as an intro to the world of coffee here in Oslo.

I also bet a few of you are wondering, how did she even get to Norway? What is she doing in Norway? Well, there's another whole post for that in the works as well.

Throw a coat on, and some proper boots, and hang on to your butts - because it's really freaking freezing and icey here in Norway.

Mugs Up,


Update: My phone took its last breaths at Time Windleboe's.  Add that to my angsty list.