Bear Coast Coffee - New Location, Same Heart

Once upon a time Bear Coast coffee shared a space with a wine & cheese shop (truly deadly), but today they only now share a coastal view of the Pacific Ocean with their neighbors across the way, San Clemente Pier. 



The space now offers a natural white and warm glow, opposed to its prior home in a darkened but welcoming wine cellar of sorts. 

The staff considers themselves "spoiled" with the epic San Clemente ocean view and a killer team to work with.   They are quick to call the owner and founder of the café Jeff, the "best of the best" as a boss.  What's earned him this title? Patience, passion for educating others about coffee and his quick wit and humor.  

And while the pace has certainly picked up for the baristas at the new thriving location, it's nothing they are complaining about.  They are finding a new rhythm to serve the people of San Clemente the authentic Bear Coast Way. 

There's always something delightful on the menu, whether it's an espresso from Heart Coffee - a Portland based roaster or a new seasonal beverage with house made syrups - just know you're getting the "best of the best" in your coffee, too.

Mugs Up,

The Coffee Nomad