It's Been a Minute

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the silent treatment on here!

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you THANK YOU.

Thank you for reading these posts – whether it has been one post or several - I truly appreciate every single one of you. 

So, it has literally been nonstop since my visit to Costa Rica (a little intro now live at SEED’s People Market’s blog).  I just got back from New York and am also so excited to share with you my experience with East Coast coffee culture.

From the witnessing the coffee process, to listening to the politics within the industry to having a local beer and the best chicharrones in town, I could write a book – like a big, fat one (which I very well might do someday).

But until then, I am balancing a full time job and this site. So bare with me!

I wanted to give a special thanks to Marianela Montero.  Thank you to Carlos, Letia and your entire family for being so gracious to me while I was staying at Don Eli Finca.  When I pictured visiting a coffee farm for the first time, I thought it would be many things.  But your home and family business outdid any beauty I could have dreamed of.  Thank you for teaching me so much and inspiring me to continue to share these coffee stories.

I want to thank SEED People’s Market who have agreed to sponsor my adventure.  There are some incredible gems on their marketing team (Hi Dan!).  Thank you for taking the time to listen to a small blogger’s little pitch and for seeing my vision.   It reflects the kind of company you are and that you truly believe in the adventure seekers out in the world today driven by their own purpose in life. 

I want to thank David Rudge, Adam the Roaster from Portola, Penelope a fellow Monarch alumni, and other “regulars at the coffee bar” there who would listen to me babble on about the things I wanted to do and allowed me to think in the how I can do them.

Everyone has helped me believe and the craziest thing of all?

This is only the beginning.

Cheers my fellow nomads.

Mugs Up,

The Coffee Nomad

Here I am too stoked on this natural processed farm in Costa Rica

Here I am too stoked on this natural processed farm in Costa Rica