Coffee Takes the Craft Food Stage at Portola's Theorem Bar

It's that time again when Portola delivers at their Theorem bar, but this time Tohm Ifergan has taken coffee beyond the beverage realm, and into craft dishes with exceptional attention to culinary pairings.

This month's menu is appropriately entitled, "The Mischievous Gathering of Toothsome Delights" (say that five times fast).

Tohm Ifergan, Portola Coffee Lab Theorem Bar, Costa Mesa, CA

Tohm Ifergan, Portola Coffee Lab Theorem Bar, Costa Mesa, CA

The Wes Anderson inspired list consists of some of the most tasty infusions I've seen thus far: a house made el burro geisha jam with espresso (that's right - Geisha coffee in yo' jam), gelato served with charred marshmallow, chilled espresso and applewood smoke (what I call s'mores in a cup).  And the lighter end of the spectrum offers kyoto, pineapple, house made grenadine, with jimacan rum bitters and ginger beer.

The menu is in collaboration with the local bakery, St Pâtisserie Chocolat. 😋

I honestly couldn't even tell you what several of these ingredients looked like outside of the recipe, but I don't have to know squat to know these are mischievously delicious. 

I could go on and on, but I'll just let you decide from the menu at the bottom of this post! But first here are some glamour shots of some of the menu items:

Please let me know if you visit this month and how you liked it!
Another hats off to Mr. Ifergan (@Tohmifergan) for creating this beautiful menu.