Songbird Coffee & Tea - Phoenix, A.Z.

Arizona is HOT but if you get your morning run early on in the morning (like before the sun is up) then it is actually quite nice weather.  Or you can do trail runs which are beautiful in the desert, in an aren't-all-of-these-cacti-entertaining-and-perfect-for-photo-ops kind of way.  The heat really isn't that bad for this Californian (although Texas did train me for five whole years).  Anyway, just when I was warming up to Phoenix, falling in love with its dazzling sunsets, I returned from my run to discover a cactus needle in my tush.  My boyfriend stared at me in bewilderment. When we were able to take a pause from uncontrollably laughing and get over the initial shock he just kept repeating, "How?"  We then proceeded to watch educational youtube videos of "jumping cactus."  

That was Arizona's way of saying, "Welcome to Arizona, idiots."

"Are you sure you got my good side? I can do better," - Self Absorbed Cactus, A.Z.

"Are you sure you got my good side? I can do better," - Self Absorbed Cactus, A.Z.

While I can't always rely on peace from hostile plants in my travels, I can always rely on coffee. 

Songbird Coffee & Tea House is a fantastic space to get work done. It’s quiet, with a decent amount of seating, plenty of outlets and good wifi connection.   They serve up local Tempe roaster, Cortez Coffee Roasters.  I ordered their cappuccino and hours later (because Songbird just makes you want to stay a while) I ordered their cold brew and it was one of my favorites. And yes - that is a Nutella pop tart below. *drool*.  I love that this was a home because it instantly makes you feel comfortable.

Hint! You can park for free in the back directly behind the building in the alleyway.

So far I've also visited Cartel Coffee in Scottsdale (soon to come post!) and Lola Coffee.  Cartel is the largest roaster around and they certainly know their coffee.  That location was pretty spectacular with indoor and outdoor seating.  Lola didn't have my favorite coffee - although they have plenty of unique flavors for your lattes and things like that.  Their baked good items are pretty tasty as well.  Both spots are good work places with seating, wifi and outlets. 

Will be keeping you posted on more! Feel free to add suggestions in the comments below!

Mugs Up,

The Coffee Nomad