Coffee Drinkers: 5 Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

Drinking good coffee should not mean you need to sacrifice white teeth.  

People ask me all the time how do you drink so much coffee and keep your teeth so white?  I usually respond, "Well, it helps that I can get so tan."  Yay Mexican genes.  But I have a few secrets that I wanted to share with you!  

T-shirt from @StillRad on Instagram 

T-shirt from @StillRad on Instagram 

Here are some tips to keep your teeth bright this summer!

1. Crest White Strips:

Alright - it's not so much of a secret but I swear they work! I put the strips on while I am getting ready in the morning and don't need to revisit them until 3 or 4 months later.  And I can see results that day! Some of my friends have more sensitive teeth and use the gentle version of Crest White Strips.  I just stick to this version and it does the job just fine!

2. Straws!

Especially with cold brews in the summer time, straws are a life saver! I know, I know - sipping on a cold brew allows your taste buds to get every flavor and really inhale the aromas but sipping through a straw is pretty tasty too.  

3. Espresso Shots! Shots! Shots!

Everybodyyyyyy.  Okay so I know most of you aren't about throwing espresso shots back but if you can channel your inner Italian business man and walk up to a coffee bar and throw back the espresso shot placed in front of you, you can a) look like a coffee boss and b) have minimal coffee and teeth contact.  Andiamo coffee lovers! 

4. Less Caffeine is Less Stains

So it comes down to the brewing method.  Less caffeine in your coffee beverage means less polyphenols.  Polyphenols are the bad guys that can decrease the protection of your teeth.

Here's an awesome chart I stumbled on from :  Looks like the cold brew and French Press are some of your-teeth friendly drinks!


5.  How long do you take to drink your coffee?

The faster, the better for your teeth.  (I am probably the slowest drinker on earth.) But the entire time you're sipping, stains are being created.  Common sense, I know but it really does help brushing your pearly whites right after enjoying your beverage. 

If you have any other tricks and tips you've used, please let me know!   And if you liked this post, spread the love and give this a like below :)

#MugsUp to good coffee AND good teeth,

The Coffee Nomad