Verve Coffee - DTLA

Verve Coffee - DTLA



My favorite part about Verve is the aesthetics and the people. And again with the Ethiopian coffee - the Kifle to be exact - blew me away. The Colombian Las Nubes Gesha is also supposed to be outstanding.


"When we go through training you know what we are told?" Once barista relayed to me. "We are told to imagine our dream home. Think of our dream home and how it would look like from the furniture to the layout. Now imagine that you had a dinner party and that you invited the guests and selected the food. How would you act? How would you treat the food? The space? That's what we do at Verve. We treat everyone like they are at home and we want them to feel comfortable."

I thought that was lovely and very accurate from my experience alone. I got to chat with the owner's brother who said they will be opening a second location off of Melrose in a couple of weeks. He was trained at Blue Bottle in San Francisco where he grew tremendously in his craft of drink making and brought lessons about customer service to Verve Coffee.

The space actually shares a wall with an architecture design firm who just wanted a good coffee spot. Well, they got an amazing one.