PART 3: Apasionado Coffee - Why You Should Pay More for the Good Stuff

I asked Lilo, "When someone asks, 'Why is this coffee so expensive?' What's the first thing he wants to say to people and this was his response.

"Like other beverage products -- craft beer, wine, etc -- there is low quality less expensive options as well as high-end, top quality options. Apasionado coffee is high-end, high quality specialty coffee. Just like craft beer, craft coffee is not for everyone. It is for those who care about quality and taste.  

While we set out to have coffee with a cause, we also set out to produce some of the best coffee in the world. Our coffee was scored a 92 by The Coffee Review. If you look at other coffees with comparable scores, they are selling for as much more, if not more than Apasionado Coffee. The difference is that with our coffee, we are keeping more of the profit in the country of origin, in the hands of the people, while at the same time re-foresting the land and protecting diverse ecosystems by taking the coffee straight from the farm to your door and eliminating all the middlemen. This IS true direct trade coffee."

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The Coffee Nomad