PART 2: Apasionado Coffee - Challenges in the Coffee Industry

I asked Yehuda Lilo what are some of the biggest challenges in today's coffee industry.  It mainly boiled down to today's climate change, therefore impacting pricing.



"One of the biggest challenges in the coffee industry on the farm side of things is the threat of tree rust. This is a fungus that attacks coffee plants and has decimated huge swathes of coffee farms in Central and South America. This has led to a coffee shortage, particularly for high quality specialty coffee.

The coffee rust I just mentioned is an environmental effect that is influencing the coffee industry, and climate change is threatening to change the weather patterns for growing seasons, which could have an impact on coffee in the future.

Since the best coffee is grown at high altitude in tropical places, protecting the forests and climates in these places is essential to maintaining supplies of the best coffee around the world. For example, in the cloud forests of Bolivia where our coffee is grown, the forests are being clear-cut for coca production. This is not only destroying the diverse eco-system of the forest, it is also changing the soil and even the micro-climates of those forests, all of which can affect the coffee.

It is important to add that because of the topography (average slope is 21 degrees) we are forced to do everything by hand.  This adds to the farming cost, but the benefit is reducing the carbon footprint."

- Yehuda Lilo, Co Founder, Apasionado Coffe

Part 3: Why You Should Pay More For The Good Stuff

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