Bar Nine Coffee - LA

Bar Nine Coffee is perhaps my favorite coffee establishment in LA - bar none (sorry, I had to.  Okay maybe I didn't, but thanks for letting me.)

I think the most shocking and refreshing element is simple: liberty of space.  And with this unique element in mind, I think the designers were wise not to abuse such a rarity in Los Angeles.  

The shop was scarce but warm, there were basic tones but a close attention to detail.  There was an elegance to how your pastry and coffee were served and even to how it was made. 

The espresso machine, built beneath the counter, resulted in all purging and tinkering kept to a minimum and the usual boisterous process seemed seemless. 

All focus was on the coffee, specifically on the origin of coffee. And each day the origin switched out; Tuesday- Ethiopia,  Wednesday - Guatemala, Thursday - Costa Rica. 

A trip around the world.  

Now that's my kind of work week.  

Mugs Up, 

The Coffee Nomad

ps. Word from the street (one of my Instagram followers @leanwnks) says they make a mean house made hazelnut milk) 


(I hope that was enough angles for you.)