Skin And Coffee; Expert Debunks Myths and Shares Tips

Ladies and Gents - we all care about our skin.

And I've always wondered if drinking coffee meant I was giving up good skin?  So I have invited Newport Beach Skin Care Center's skin esthetician, Fernanda Heckman to finally give it to us straight: Can we still be in a healthy relationship with a good ol' cup of Joe?

That's me trying out BRU Coffee Body Scrub which I ended up absolutley loving: | %50 off with promo code: COFFEENOMAD

That's me trying out BRU Coffee Body Scrub which I ended up absolutley loving: | %50 off with promo code: COFFEENOMAD

Q: Alright, let's clear the air here right away.  What are some of the biggest coffee myths you have heard in regards to your skin?

The biggest myth that I hear constantly about coffee is that drinking a cup 

of coffee a day will dehydrate your skin to the point of eventually looking 

like a wrinkly old lady.  NOT TRUE!  While over-consumption of coffee can 

dehydrate you, a cup or 2 a day is not enough to cause a dry, wrinkly 


Q: How can drinking coffee help your skin?

That I know of coffee consumption does not enhance the skin.  However, 

coffee beans contain caffeine and therefore work wonders on the skin 

when applied topically.  When applied topically to the skin, it constricts the 

blood vessels under the eyes to reduce swelling and puffiness.  The natural 

diuretic components of coffee can banish cellulite when rubbed into the 

skin.  Additionally coffee grounds can exfoliate and brighten skin, make hair 

shiny, and even stimulate faster hair growth!

Q: What are the negative effects coffee can have on your skin?

Honestly, coffee consumption in moderation is virtually harmless to your 

skin.  You can run into problems when you overconsume it.  Too much 

caffeine can put excessive stress on your liver.  When the liver is stressed 

it is hard for our bodies to naturally detox.  This can sometimes result in an 

increase in age spots (hyperpigmentation). 

Q: What about coffee as a topical scrub? What are the effects for your face and body?  Do you have any home remedies?

Ground coffee beans can exfoliate and brighten skin, as well as banish 

cellulite.  An easy remedy is to combine ½ cup of ground coffee, ½ cup of 

coconut palm sugar, and ¼ cup of coconut oil.  This is great for a face or 

body scrub.  For the body only, add 1 tspn of ground cinnamon.  Rub your 

problems away.   

Q: What are some of the biggest tips you can give to help better take care of your skin? (Especially for us coffee drinkers ;)

Its simple.  Use quality products with great ingredients (in my practice I use 

Image Skin Care).  Get a monthly facial because this mimics the body’s 

once natural ability to turn over dead skin cells and produce collagen every 

28-32 days the way we did in our youth.  And finally, always use sunblock, 

(even when its cold and overcast).  

Is there anything else you'd like to add that you think readers would find interesting?

Did you know that coffee is not actually a bean?  It’s actually a pit from a 

cherry-like berry that grows on bushes. 

Fernanda is a paramedical esthetician and wellness contributor at  You can follow her skin and glam adventures on instagram at @LipstickandlungesOC :) 

Mugs Up to the lovely Fernanda! (Isn't she gorgeous?!)

Fernanda Heckman / @lipstuckandlungesOC

Fernanda Heckman / @lipstuckandlungesOC