Neat Coffee Pop Up & The Wayfare HQ - Costa Mesa, CA

Neat Coffee owner, Ally Garvin, made the transition from doughnut & coffees to solely - coffee. 

Local Sidecar Doughnut fans may recognize Ally who is now, as of nearly three weeks ago, is backing her own coffee bar, tucked in front of The Wayfare HQ in Costa Mesa, CA.

"It has always been my dream to open up my own coffee shop.  This is my baby,"  Ally says as she whips me up a Gibraltar made with Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  She plans to have her own space some day but for now she's very happy at The Wayfare (not to be confused with The Wayfarer which we will get to in a bit.)


"I stuck with Stumptown Coffee since I developed such a strong relationship with them while at Sidecar Doughnuts," says Ally.  She credits Sidecar for being amazing with training her for everything coffee.

A smile crept across my face as I read a sign at the counter that read, "Rawmond Milk served here."  Several months back I met and spoke with Founder, Roxanne Golker, about her almond milk product.  She shared her story with me how her stomach reacted violently to regular milk and so she began to make almond milk at home. 

She soon realized she was on to something very different, delicious and good for the tummy.  She began experimenting with unique ingredients like turmeric and dandelion.  All of her Rawmond milks are delicious and I was thrilled to see she is now not only at farmers markets, but local coffee spots too! 

In fact, Ally has produced a delicious fall beverage at Neat using Rawmond milk! She makes a ginger molasses syrup and with the turmeric Rawmond milk and espresso for a delicious fall latte.  It's not your average sweetened pumpkin latte - it's something much more subtle and one I actually prefer!  And it looks like she has something up her sleeve for the Holidays! But I will keep you further posted on that ;)

So, what's the deal with The Wayfare HQ? It is a co-working and community space equipped with wifi, comfy chairs, long tables, conference rooms, printers, a kitchen, cubbies and unlimited drip coffee for *members.*  I toured the place to get an idea and while the facility is pretty amazing, the ability to network there is probably even more impressive.  You can also host events and much more.  There are pretty steep rates to use the space but it is designed for small companies or freelancers.  The prices I received are the following:

Half day: $25
Full day: $40
30 hrs: $151/month
100 hrs $300/month
Unlimited: $380/month
"Dedicated": starts at $504/month 

There is also a free introductory day so you can see if it's a good fit for you!

You can learn more about what each level of membership specifically provide at or call them at 714.598.3888 This is not to be confused with The Wayfarer - another great place to connect, but with live music and beers instead of coffee ;)

So, congrats to two entrepreneurs to chasing their dreams! We'll be supporting from here!

Mugs Up,

The Coffee Nomad

Neat Coffee
270 Baker Street, Suite 200 Costa Mesa, CA
Monday-Friday 7am-3pm