KeepCup Part 2: Aussies and Coffee

Melbourne, in particular, is one of the largest coffee meccas not only Australia, but the world. 

"It is kind of credited where all the coffee trends emerge from around the world," says Adam.

Adam bringing his KeepCup to our Blacktop Coffee visit in LA

Take the Flat White for example; a beverage born around the 80’s in Australia and New Zealand.  You can pretty much find it on any menu these days.

"The trend is now moving towards tasting the coffee instead of milk," he says.

It seems that people, our generation in particular, appreciate coffee more as a result of asking the influential question; Where does our coffee from? Then, at some point in each of our coffee-drinking lives, this ripple effect was created, and  the more we began to ask the where, the how and the who, the less we darkened the doorstep of say, Starbucks.

Because hey, anyone can mask awful coffee or poorly strained espresso with lots of creamy, milky, sugary goodness.

But aside from the "less-milk-and-more-coffee" stand espresso connoisseurs have been taking, there is a more prominent trend here in the U.S.

"The cold brew seems to be extremely popular here in L.A."

Ah, yes.  The cold brew.  Personally, I have never seen a trend take off as fast as the cold brew.


He credits the popularity to the sunny weather in Los Angeles.

(It's true - you can find us Southern Californians sipping on a cold brew or iced coffee pretty much any time of the year. I'd like to take a moment to admit I take this precious indulgence for granted often.  I mean, I've been in Chicago in January people - not. pleasant.)

But in reality, the cold brew - a process of steeping coffee grounds in cold or room temperature water for about 12 hrs, sometimes longer - has been around for ages.  It has just been surfacing in coffee shops nationwide and just hit Starbuck's menu in March.

But of course within a trend is another trend (forgive the pun) brewing.  Revealed at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association) gathering last month was the "nitro brew."  A device called JoeTap can make your cold brew taste like there is cream and sugar in it.  But in fact, that is just the science doing the taste-bud fibbing.   This topic will be tabled for a soon-to-come post. :)

Aside from California trends, Adam has a prediction for the next trend to hit the rest of the...well, world.

It's a drink that has been around for a while and now familiar to baristas all over Melbourne, but completely foreign to

most outside the coffee-driven hub of Fitzroy, Australia.

“The Magic,” he states with conviction and excitement.

I mean, the name alone already has me sold, but go ahead.

“It’s a 6 oz. or 3/4 flat white. A double ristretto shot of coffee (first half of the coffee shot), topped with steamed milk. It’s similar to a Cortado, but with a stronger coffee taste.”

If you know me, you know a Cortado is my go-to, so naturally it looks like The Magic will be my next.

He also mentioned that it is not uncommon for Melbournians to have two cups of coffee in one coffee shop visit.


My. kind. of. people.

Until next time,

(Double) Mugs Up to the Melbournians,

The Coffee Nomad