TOMS Coffee Shop - Chicago

The Coffee Nomad

Leave it to me to not be able to visit the TOMS store about an hour away from my house in California, but rather visit the one half-way across the country in Chicago.

Anyway, it was a really great experience.

To be honest, I wasn't sure how TOMS Coffee was going to taste.  You already know it's coming from a mass roasting producer and it may not be given the special attention, say, your local roaster would give to their precious beans.

But, all preconceived notions aside - I was decently surprised.

#CoffeeAngel Drew poured me their Rwanda blend and then a shot of their espresso.  (Mind you I was already buzzing after visiting Buzz Killer Espresso down the street.  Too many puns? Can't promise I won't do it again.)

#CoffeeAngel Drew doing what Coffee Angels do best - serve and educate me on coffee

So, looking back I can't give you specifics on the Rwanda except for that it was light and that I didn't throw it out on my way out the door.

What really got me was the espresso.  #CoffeeAngel Drew was also surprised when he started working for TOMS.  He'd previously been a barista for two years at a Chicago roaster.  He had mirrored my concerns as well before trying the stuff, but 'til this day he really does enjoy TOMS coffee.

He did tell me that he has played with the espresso to get it to it's optimal serving peak, but just like any coffee, it depends on that batch roasted and the method of straining the espresso.

All I know is that it was smooth and nutty.

And the aesthetics, in all TOMS-like manner, were to die for.  Not pictured, because I am an idiot, is a little space with a few tables for you to get some work done.

Chair. I want chair.

It also bewilders me as to why not every retail store has a built-in coffee shop.


Nothing is more enticing than good coffee to propel you to wander around and look at things that are over-priced and make over-caffeinated, hyper decisions. Also, I was obsessed with these little TOMS cups.

So, there's that which has no informative value to you as a reader whatsoever.

But I mean - look at its petiteness.  It can even fit in the hands of, let's just say, The Coffee Nomad.

(Little baby) Mugs Up,

The Coffee Nomad