Hopper & Burr - Santa Ana, CA

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It took me long enough, but I finally visited Hopper & Burr today.     The space is absolutely lovely and the barista had such great energy and was pretty hilarious. I forgot his name but there are only two who run the pop-up coffee shop, so it's a safe bet that they are both awesome. 

I loved their coffee and nearly died over how delicious their avocado toast was. I mean, there are pieces of this Italian meat in the toast. But I swear my pictures don't do it justice. 

  But back to the coffee.  Hopper & Burr is pretty spoiled in that they get to chose where and who they are getting their coffee from. They love it because it allows a little freedom without sacrificing quality. 

  The shop closes early because the space is shared with a restaurant. And during closing time you can see the cooks begin to prep for the dinner rush. I don't know about them, but I'd love to throw back a shot of espresso before my work day begins.

  The only thing I have to say location wise is that you most likely will have to pay for parking. Meep. 

But what is also great is that 4th Street Market is right across the way and you have ample selection for foods and goodies. 

  Anyway, the shop has been opened for about three months, but I see big things coming their way. 

Mugs Up, 

The Coffee Nomad 

My checklist (Feel free to add to the list in the comment section 👇) 

- Wifi 

- Outlets (like 2) 

- Good seating 

- Great service (Barista made me laugh, and you paid after you enjoyed your beverages and meal, which personally gives it a small town, neighborly vibe) 

- Not noisy 

- Good coffee