Here's the thing about the coffee culture

Coffee people are a funny thing. Before I get started, I apologize for neglecting you fabulous readers.  If you haven't noticed I've been very instagram orientated (a good and bad thing).  I mean it's so easy to feel connected that way: load a picture, jot down some tags and exchange positivity and coffee vibes with others.  But it's really here where I get to have a voice and really learn more about coffee and you.  So, just a quick thank you is all :)

In the past couple of months I have been to quite a few coffee places and along the way you meet really interesting people.  You meet them as a customer, you meet the people behind the bar or maybe its a regular at the shop like yourself. And I love them all.

I think what is so suprising about the coffee culture is that yes, there are coffee snobs, but everyone is still nice. I mean, these "coffee snobs" know coffee so well that they are just protective of the simplicity of good coffee (I mean it is a sacred beverage afterall.)  But I am glad to report, that along my journey thus far there has not been one, rude coffee snob.  And I think its worth writing about because I feel that people are so hesitant to really get into the coffee culture because of intimidating people.  But I kid you not, coffee people are actually really nice people.


Like this barista from BlueBottle in San Fran.  Thanks for breaking down the siphon brew process and letting me sample way too many cups of coffee.


Or this barista from Four Barrel.  Thank you letting me hover as you did your latte art magic.


Or this barista from Portola, thank you for adding more quality to my photo and to my day overall.

And another thanks to these Portola baristas who let me ask a thousand more questions about the Bloom and keep me caffeinated 24/7.


And to this roaster from Four Barrel - thanks for letting me creepy and just letting my sit and watch you do your roasting magic.


And many thanks to these boys.  Alright, they aren't exactly baristas - but any chance I can to share the word of the amazing Irish Coffees at Buena Vista in San Fran I do :)


Seriously, every coffee space I've entered people have been more than helpful.  You see the truth is (which probably is no secret) I am no coffee expert.  I am learning everyday.  I mean coffee's entire story is kind of complicated.  From the farm to your cup it's an amazing complex, beautiful process. And so, it's on the poor barista or the random person in line next to me who has to take on (silly) questions from a random stranger.

While the coffee-making process may be a little intimidating, I ensure you the people behind it are not.  They are passionate at what they do and love playing a role - a crucial role I may add - in coffee's story.

So, whether you are just beginning to dip your toes into this highly caffeinated world for the first time, or you are a bonafide coffee nerd - I urge you to keep asking questions and to dig a little deeper.  

Coffee never ceases to amaze me.

And you know what else? Ever since I have begun really caring about the quality of coffee I'm drinking or asking where it comes from - the more I have begun to appreciate wine and beer (alright, I've always appreciated beer.)  I never really inquired about wine, just kind of went with the cheap stuff but now I'm doing double takes - or more like sips.  Anyway, it's worth mentioning that appreciation for beverages is pretty contagious.

So, here's the thing - the coffee culture is intimate but growing, complex but simple, passionate and yet scientific.  The coffee culture is amazing.

P.S. I am going on an adventure! I did a teaser on instagram but not as to where.  You readers heard it here first:


Yosemite! I could not be more excited.  I'm a tad nervous with how cold it's going to be during the nights but hey - that's what coffee is for right? Anyway I will be updating you all via instagram and I am hoping to crackdown on that VSCO so you can really feel like you are right there with me.

If you have any tips, recommendations or want to just share a word - you know the drill - comment below :)

Until next time my coffee babes & dudes,


The Coffee Nomad