La Colombe Coffee - Chicago 

I absolutely adore La Colombe coffee.

I don't know if has to do with the big red door that greets me upon entry in their red-brick building (I love red, okay?) or their beautifully wooden space inside...

...but I'm kind of obsessed.

Their coffee is AMAZING and the space is full of natural lighting and wooden tables and chairs for seating. Their pastries are also killer.  They don't offer flavored syrups (which I so happen to like because that means they can focus on the coffee) but they do offer some natural sweeteners.

I would like to say that Chicago (specifically their West Loop location) is their original location because I am so attracted to the space - but in fact, it is not their origin of birth.  No, their story actually starts in...

(Cue It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia rap🎶) Philly

In 1994 founders Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti, (from Spokane, WA and Nice, France) started their first four flagship Classic Blends. It quickly gained noticed and was served in elite coffee shops in New York and Philadelphia. Nearly 20 years later and now you can find them Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and D.C.

Todd has traveled the world to bring back to the States some exotics coffees. You can get a gift box of his three favorites for $44: Panama- Esmeralda Boquete, Zambia - Mbuni and a special blend to celebrate La Colombe's 20th day, the Odyssey (sounds intense to me).

I think if I have time I want to go back and purchase Haiti - Mare Blanche. The cupping notes are Black pepper, vanilla extract and root beer. This sounds like something tailored for me. But you should check out their website because I don't doubt there's something tailored for you.

Speaking of cupping... They offer cuppings every other week!   If you haven't heard of the term "cupping" before it is basically the wine-tasting version of coffee - but you spit out the coffee in some cases.  I will do a whole post on cupping soon! Anyway, I was pleased to hear they offer classes so often because I cannot find any in Newport Beach.  Maybe I misheard the barista.  After all, I was sort of rushing out the door to head to Au Cheval.

Okay, I know this is a coffee blog (and vegans can skip this part) but if you're a human and American then you're going to want to listen up. Just a block or two away is a place that supposedly serves the best burgers in, not just Chicago, but in all of Illinois.  And I have to say - I think it's the best burger I've ever had - and I swear I'm not a burger person. Do yourself a favor and creep on #AuCheval on Instagram and go around 11/11:30am on a weekday to avoid the long line and ask for them to throw some avocado on that burger and enjoy a little piece of heaven (okay, so that was several favors. #treatyoself) It's in a pub style, posh place and it's all just delightful.

But - back to the coffee.

Of course I ordered a cortado (sort of predictable of me) and I think it's the best one I've had in several months.

These little guys are pretty photogenic.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope to visit a few more spots during my stay. I always want to hear from you guys. My Instagram followers rock at suggestions  - keep 'em coming.

Until next time ,


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