Frank Coffee Body Scrub 

Let's be Frank.

Coffee is good for you in and on your body.  

I've been meaning to get to a post about the traditional health benefits of coffee (and I promise I will) but writing about scrubbing coffee grounds all over you is just way more fun.

So, I discovered Frank's Coffee Body Scrub via instagram - (@Frank_Bod) - and was immediately curious.

I gotta hand it to them - their marketing campaign is genius.  I came across people with selfies and showing off the body scrub from neck-up and witty captions with a how-can-you-not hashtag: #LetsBeFrank.

So, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. (follow meh @thecoffeenomad on insta😎)

The coffee body scrub's, or excuse me, Frank's, voice  on social media takes on this smooth-talking, very forward individual that is constantly just wanting to scrub you down for smoother skin; Bold and entertaining at the same time.

So back to the actual scrub - I'm obsessed. 

Again, with the dirty talk….

Love it. 

As soon as I tore open the package, not so gracefully, the aromas hit me.  I'm pretty sure if heaven had a smell that would be it.

And what blows my mind  is that there is a variety of these amazing scrubs.  So yes, eventually I will be trying all of them:

The robusta coffee blend scrubs away dead skin and the brown sugar and sea salt helps exfoliate.  And apparently there is some almond oil to help tone.  And you only need a small handful or two to scrub away.  I’d say the package can you last you a while.

But what I think is overlooked and what people should totally splurge on is the Frank Body Balm.  It just leaves a glow in your skin and it smells so darn good.  I wouldn't recommend putting it on your face - maybe just gently massage any excess left on your hands onto your face.  I have a combination of oily and dry skin and I really don’t need more oil on my face.

The body balm contains coconut, grape seed and sweet almond natural oils.  And according to Frank, the coffee seed extract and hemp seed oil helps stimulate blood flow and can actually fade out stretch marks, smooth out cellulite and "other skin conditions."

Also included in the balm is cocoa butter, beeswax and candeilla wax to make the skin feel baby soft all day because "that's just the kind of guy I am" says Frank. 

So, that's really it. If you like coffee at all you are going to want to scrub-a-dub in this stuff all day.

I give it two #MugsUp.

Thanks for stopping by.  I promise more posts about actual coffee are headed your way.


The Coffee Nomad