Long Time, No Sip (Volume II)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Which seems to be the same amount of time it has taken me to return to this blog.  But let me tell you; It has (in the words of Park and Recreation's Rob Lowe) lit-er-ally been an insane 2014 - and I mean that in the most positive and absolutely worst way.

In short, I had what I thought was my dream career.  I finally learned to walk away from something that simply was not making me happy.  And although it wasis terrifying to (re)figure out your purpose on this earth it is also incredibly exciting.  It is a blank slate for new adventures and to follow your passions.  And while the future is unknown one thing is a sure thing - cups and cups of coffee.

And in other nomad-like news....

Thank you Amazing Wallpapers - everyone check them out. They were on Google, so there's that.

I AM NOW LIVING IN CHICAGO (***Insert a thousand snowflake emojiis here) Yes - I am now living in the coldest city in lit-er-ally the world --- and no, I don't beleive this Southern California native is exagerrating.  And after five years of being a Dallasite, I am now in search for pants with built-in layers as well as built-in heaters.

So, if you have coffee shop suggestions to offer this Coffee Nomad please let me know! I would love to hear them all! Or tips to just basic survival skills in this antartic land would also be useful.

Tip for tippers: Informing me to NOT move to Chicago in January is not useful because evidently I am already here in constant fear my Jeep won't start up.  (Although I have already made an escape plan to be in So Cal for the majority of the upcoming months....another post for another time).

So, I am so excited to start this adventure in one of America's most incredible cities and to share it with you!

Now, I think it's about that time to thaw off with a good 'ol cup of joe.

Mugs Up,


The Coffee Nomad