Mozart's Coffee Roasters - Austin


Austin -  "Hipster-capitol U.S.A." "Where California meets Texas" "Where food trucks were born." ((Alright, I threw that last phrase in there... Only because I am convinced that a giant roamed the streets one day and decided to throw up food trucks throughout the city. And for that, I thank you big guy.)) So, it is no surprise that Austin, a city known for its arts and cultures, has many amazing coffee shops.  Unfortunately, I keep getting interrupted by this thing called a "job," and I have limitations due to something known as my "sad-excuse-for-a-paycheck," so I can't hit up every coffee shop in town.  But I will give you one of the best.

Without further adieu, I give you Mozart's - which is probably best known for it's really hideous location.

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I mean, if being nestled alongside a lake with coffees and pastries is your kind of thing....

The Coffee

Mozart's had me at BOTTOMLESS.  (I know. I also tend to forget that that term can also play in roles outside of the "brunch" and "mimosas" scene)   But yes, for $2.99, you can try any one of their amazing blends and keep the refills coming.


I personally like their Breakfast Blend,  a mix of South American and Indonesian coffee.  While their bottomless coffee is a great snag, their specialty coffee prices aren't as attractive as Eugene's.  But I still say -  it is most definitely worth the cup!

//Cappucino 3.65/3.99 - Mocha 3.75/4.15 - Mozart's Mocha 4.70 - Cafe Au Laite 3.25/3.95 - Hot Tea 2.85

Today I ordered the vanilla latté.  And aside from it being pretty and foamy... it was delicious.  You can tell that the foam was made just right because the "art" didn't alter, even when I began to get close to the end.


ps. Fan of chai lattés?? It's like a freaking chai rainbow.


Mozart's coffee is done right.  They flame roast their coffees on site every 48 hours.  Their pastries are also baked on-site.  Ps.  If you are going to order a brownie, prepare to part take in a meal.  The thing is four bucks for a reason.  They serve the good-sized, delecant piece of chocolate heaven to you hot, with a giant scoop of fresh vanilla bean ice cream on top.   Why? Because they are evil.


Pure. Evil.


But my favorite item on the menu are the empanadas.


These light, airy and puffy pastries are also served hot.  They offer "veggie" or "sausage and cheese."

This place is perfect for studying, reading a book or catching up with a friend.  There are college students, families and people just looking for solitude.  It's for any person for any season.

Take today for example.  It was overcast and drizzly.  You would think people would pack up their coffees and head inside. But thanks to some good coverage and wifi (and outlets!) still available outside, there isn't a need to move from the peaceful setting.


But if you do get chilly, there is also indoor seating. Here is one part of the indoor café that allows you to enjoy the view and avoid the wind.


Their service is quick.  You walk up to their counter and order your drink and/or food.  Then you wait at the end of the bar (which again, is very quick!) The place can get packed on weekends, but you can almost always find a seat outdoors.  And when the place does get packed, during summer months, they open up their "to-go" stand on the front deck as well.  Mozart's has been very successful and I hope to seem them posted up here for like, ever.

Kind of like how I was today.


I know, so ugly. The things I do for this blog.

Mugs up,

The Coffee Nomad