Mugs Up


Welcome all coffee addicts. I know it must have taken a lot of will power and physical strength to pry your fingers away from whatever warm coffee sleeve, or mug your fingers were wrapped around to click on this site.  I really appreciate it and I, too know that struggle.  But it's the first step.

No, not to recovery. Screw recovery.

It's my firm belief that it's coffee that makes this world go 'round.

So, this blog is the first step in enabling one another throughout our coffee illnesses.  Let me start first:

Hello. My name is Erica.  And I have been a coffee addict since I was too young and already too short to drink coffee (seriously, I'm a towering 5ft 1.  I'm twenty-two years old.)

I absolutley love coffee.  I love how people come together over coffee.  It can be two college kids brainstorming an ingenius start up business or a really awkward post-break up talk (seriously - what more is there to talk about?!) Either way - people are constantly #makingmoves in coffee shops.

Not only that, but coffee is delicious and is caffeinated. (I do not and will not understand you de-caffeinated folk.  What kind of sick person are you? And even more troubling, how do you function on Mondays?!)

The bottom line is we - business men, kewl hipsters, gossipy moms, and hungover college kids - all love and need our coffee.

Join me in visiting coffee shops from all over to talk about their atmosphere, pricing, service and whatever comes to my a.d.d mind.  Because no good cup of joe should be ignored or forgotten.

Old spots. Trendy spots. Hidden spots. I want to hear about them all. Feel free to message me or leave a comment to share your stories.

Until next time.....

Mugs up,

The Coffee Nomad